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Learning Safely

Education facilities must provide a safe online environment for students and staff.

Education organisations of all types have much to gain by using the Internet. Online access allows staff to set up a school portal that connects everyone within the facility and enrolled pupils can use a high-speed network to their advantage by seeking out the information they require to pursue their studies. However, all education facilities must be aware of the risks and dangers that the Internet poses.

The government has been a strong advocate of safe online learning, encouraging schools and universities to establish strong network security so they can effectively defend against these threats.

With iboss Cybersecurity, any education organisation can fully adhere to legally binding rules and regulations, and continue to offer high-speed, open Internet access for its pupils and staff. Our software and hardware has been designed to meet the guidelines set out by the Department of Education, offering excellent protection for networks of all sizes.

Using the iboss Cybersecurity system, all educational institutions can ensure their network remains completely secure, with a state-of-the-art firewall obstructing threats such as malware and viruses, and an advanced filtering system restricting access to dangerous sites and inappropriate content. Any in-house device linking to the network can benefit from these protection measures, be it a laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

We enable organisations to establish a protected learning environment for everyone in their premises, facilitating education online while ensuring that staff members and students can surf safely from the moment they log on.

The iboss Cybersecurity system guides educational facilities in the right direction when it comes to following government procedures for online safety. Read more on our website:


NHS and private healthcare institutions must guarantee network security.

The modern healthcare system utilises the Internet in a variety of ways, storing patients' records in online systems, keeping track of inventory in databases and scheduling medical procedures via project management software.

Staff, patients and visitors to NHS and private healthcare premises also require Internet access for recreational purposes. Nurses and doctors connect to the network during breaks to contact friends and family, while patients and their visitors use the web to keep themselves entertained and upbeat during long stays in the facility.

The Internet has helped to transform the healthcare system for the better, but the rise in cybercrime in recent years means that organisations cannot simply create an open network and enjoy the benefits of online access without some problems arising. That is why defensive measures must be taken to protect a network. Without Internet security, a healthcare network remains alarmingly vulnerable to a wide variety of threats, ranging from viruses that can damage systems, to malicious attacks that may result in theft of sensitive data.

The iboss Cybersecurity system provides healthcare facilities with the means to keep their network completely secure, blocking out infections and third parties, and encrypting data so that it cannot be read or stolen by online intruders. These state-of-the-art protection measures never degrade bandwidth, meaning that Internet speeds remain fast despite the added layers of safeguarding.

It is crucial to be aware of the risks that an open network inevitably carries. Healthcare data is extremely valuable to cybercriminals and by responding appropriately via investing in the iboss system, you can ensure malicious parties will never be able to access your records or interfere with procedures conducted via the web.


Companies must defend the integrity of their data with a protected network.

There have been an alarming number of news stories in recent years of hackers finding their way into business networks, stealing data and releasing this information online. Nowadays, any business that functions in the corporate world is at constant risk of being infiltrated by a criminal third party, which is why the implementation of hi-tech network security systems is crucial.

The iboss Cybersecurity system offers the best possible protection against external and internal threats to businesses. Our state-of-the-art software and hardware have been designed to ensure that data remains fully protected at all times, with an advanced filtering system preventing staff and any other network users from downloading illegal or inappropriate content.

Companies without protective network measures in place are vulnerable to all kinds of attacks, hacks and infections. Without a firewall, viruses such as malware can force systems to shut down completely. More malicious programs can observe user activity and record keystrokes, which may lead to data corruption and theft.

Businesses have a responsibility to ensure their customers' data remains safe and secure, and if any of this information is compromised, the company could face serious legal consequences. The government has been vocal in its endorsement of anti-virus protection software and network security, and actively encourages businesses to take the necessary precautions.

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